What We Do


Our products are our pride and joy – everything from a rivet to a button to a snap is made with care and attention. WSG carries out all the necessary steps of production centralized in its own factories. Such a production from a single hand ensures control, high quality and allows for environmentally friendly production.
Our products are internationally certified to Oeko-Tex®- Standard 100


Before Production… there comes design

Our global designers are certified and trained in fashion design. They have extensive experience working in all areas of the fashion industry. Our current design centers are located in New York and Barcelona, with a main design hub in Hong Kong.
We currently design two seasonal collections per year, as well as building a classic range which we refer to as, ‘The Working Tools’. We fill in the gaps, with smaller themed projects, that we tailor make for our customers, targeting a specific trend, a garment section, or a theme that has been requested.
Our design house, always strives to come up with a unique application, product and service.